Round and Brown – Aries Crush, Harmonie Marquise

Round and Brown - Aries Crush, Harmonie Marquise - American Ass
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: Aries, Harmonie, and Mirko were on their way to a July 4th barbecue. They had some time to kill, so they stopped by Ill’s first. Ills hadn’t been told about the barbecue and was testing his camera out when the three stopped by. Once Aries and Harmonie got in front of the camera, their inner rock stars came out, and the two started putting on a show for Ills. Big tits and round brown succulent asses soon filled the screen, as the two slowly undressed while uncontrollably spanking each other. Mirko gave them something to suck on. They rode his cock to their hearts’ content. We could see the fireworks erupt in their eyes, as the girls climaxed. For the finale, Mirko set off his cock rocket and covered Aries face and Harmonies pussy in cum.

Cast: Aries Crush, Harmonie Marquise
Content: Big Tits, Cumshot, Hardcore, Interracial, Oral, Threesome
Size: 390 MB


22384905_round-and-brown-aries-crush_seaporn-org.jpeg and Brown - Aries and Brown - Aries

Eve Angel Official – Fingering Her Fruit

Eve Angel Official - Fingering Her Fruit
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: I invite you to come closer and see me as I take off my sexy lingerie revealing my firm tits and round spankable ass while playing with my sensual body and fingering my lovely fruit basket.Wanna taste? I know you do! Just imagine the sweetest fruit, with a hint of vanilla and coconut. I just love the thought of you watching and stroking while I finger my succulent fruit. Still watching me? Naughty, naughty boy.

Cast: Eve Angel
Content: Big Tits, Masturbation, Solo
Size: 743 MB

22385103_eve-angel-official-fingering-her-fruit_seaporn-org.jpeg Angel Official - Fingering Her Angel Official - Fingering Her

18 Only Girls – Peachy

18 Only Girls - Peachy - Wet And Wild
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Cast: Peachy
Content: Masturbation, Solo ,Teen
Size: 142 MB


22385059_18-only-girls-peachy_seaporn-org.jpeg Only Girls - Only Girls -

Sex Art – Julia Roca, Taylor Sands

Sex Art - Julia Roca, Taylor Sands - Back Home
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: After an unexplained absence — perhaps as the result of an argument or infidelity — Taylor Sands shows up at the door of her estranged lover, Julia Roca. Somewhat reluctantly, Roca invites Sands inside. While Taylor showers and hand-washes her lingerie, Julia looks on, and any anger, hurt, or disappointment she may have been harboring begins to dissipate. The couple are relaxing on the couch innocently — Taylor naps while Julia reads. Without speaking a word they then decide to demonstrate their love for one another through physical means. Taylor, in an effort to atone for her past transgressions, takes the lead. After helping Julia out of her clothes she plays with the brunette’s pert breasts and pussy. Roca responds quickly and enthusiastically to Taylor’s touch, and with a soft tongue teasing her clitoris and two fingers sliding insistently in and out of her pussy, Roca cries out with ecstatic orgasmic pleasure. Roca — making her first ever appearance at Sexart — doesn’t hesitate when it’s her turn to provide the pleasure. She lovingly caresses Taylor’s breasts through her tank top and massages the crotch of her panties. Once these fabric impediments are removed Roca proves herself to be a skilled lover, fingering and licking Sands to a sweet and satisfying climax. Director Alis Locanta puts a fresh spin on this tale of domestic bliss with a teasing bit of footage that plays under the end credits. Taylor and Julia, both glammed up and dressed to thrill, are given an edgy, technical presentation. Roca hungrily sucks a thick pink dildo, then Taylor takes the tool and rides it before Roca sucks it some more — an unexpected addition to a sweet and steamy reunion. It’s good to be “Back Home.”

Cast: Julia Roca, Taylor Sands
Content: All Girls, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation
Size: 584 MB


22384941_sex-art-julia-roca_seaporn-org.jpeg Art - Julia Art - Julia

Twistys – Ryan Ryans

Twistys - Ryan Ryans - Gettin’ Down And Dirty
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Cast: Ryan Ryans
Content: Big Tits, Blonde, Masturbation, Solo
Size: 246 MB


22384967_twistys-ryan-ryans_seaporn-org.jpeg - Ryan - Ryan

Nuru Massage – Ash Hollywood, Brooklyn Chase

Nuru Massage - Ash Hollywood, Brooklyn Chase - How To Lose A Guy
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: Brooklyn has been having some typical newlywed problems with her guy. In fact, she has a hard time telling people what’s really up. The heat has turned way way down in their bedroom, and Brooklyn thinks it’s because of his membership to Nuru Massage! She always catches him jerking off to his porn instead of having sex with her. She’s so frustrated she can only think of one way to turn the heat back up, why not make a massage video of her own with her good friend Ash! Ash Hollywood is the perfect friend to ask too, because these girls had a little something going on back when they were in college. Brooklyn sees the sex tape as a success, but it remains to be seen what her new husband will think! Will he be turned on, or will he be furious she cheated with her lesbian girlfriend?

Cast: Ash Hollywood, Brooklyn Chase
Content: All Girls, Big Tits, Blonde, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation
Size: 740 MB


22385124_nuru-massage-ash-hollywood_seaporn-org.jpeg– Massage – Ash Massage %96 Ash

Nubiles – Gianna Nicole

Nubiles - Gianna Nicole - Cutie Pie
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: Gianna Nicloe is a sexy Italian girl from New Jersey that just turned 19 and is fresh on the scene! She has gorgeous round tits with puffy pink nipples that are perfectly mounded mouthfuls. Watch Gianna shake her juicy ass in her naughty debut videos!

Cast: Gianna Nicole
Content: Masturbation, Solo
Size: 856 MB


22384993_nubiles-gianna-nicole_seaporn-org.jpeg - Gianna - Gianna

Nubiles – Brooklyn Daniels

Nubiles - Brooklyn Daniels - Poolside
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: Sumptuous Brooklyn Daniels is an all American babe with a tight body and legs that go on for miles. She is also a total sex addict who can’t wait to show you all of the naughty things she likes to do with her cum craving bald pussy!

Cast: Brooklyn Daniels
Content: Masturbation, Solo
Size: 1,19 GB


22385004_nubiles-brooklyn-daniels_seaporn-org.jpeg - Brooklyn - Brooklyn

Nubile Films – Dani Desire, Sierra Nevadah

Nubile Films - Dani Desire, Sierra Nevadah - Naked Yoga
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: In the midst a workout session where they perform yoga moves together on their patio, Dani Desire and Sierra Nevadah decide that there’s no reason not to indulge in some play at the same time. Giving each other naughty smiles, the two girls peel off their clothes and resume their workout completely nude. Once they’re finished, it’s only natural for them to come together in a loving kiss that quickly gets steamy in the summer sun. As their hands wander each other’s bodies, Sierra and Dani know that the inevitable conclusion is going to be orgasmic. The girls kick off their outdoor fun by sitting side by side and reaching over to massage each other’s bald pussies. When they are both wet and juicy with their excitement, they turn to face each other so that they can enjoy some scissoring action while simultaneously playing with each other’s rock hard nipples. As their mutual climaxes come ever closer, Dani takes the initiative to lay Sierra down on their workout towels so that she can sweep her tongue up her woman’s juicy slit. Not willing to be the only one receiving pleasure, Sierra coaxes Dani to switch things up. Soon, Sierra is sitting atop Dani’s face having her dripping twat eaten out. The position allows Sierra to use her eager hands to massage Dani’s needy clit, bringing her lover ever closer to the edge of ecstasy as the girls engage in a delightful race towards completion. Dani ultimately wins when Sierra insists on burying her face in her woman’s soft twat and using her talented tongue to drive her to a big climax. After exchanging a lingering kiss, Dani resumes her place between Sierra’s legs and this time she doesn’t stop until Sierra is trembling her orgasm.

Cast: Dani Desire, Sierra Nevadah
Content: All Girls, Blonde, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation
Size: 309 MB


22384962_nubile-films-dani-desire_seaporn-org.jpeg Films - Dani Films - Dani

X-Art – Lily

X-Art - Lily - Summertime Lunch
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: Lily and Bret planned to have a little lunch date today. Lily however has another appetizer in mind beforehand. This blondie has a rockin body and a one-of-a-kind smile. She charms her man into countertop sex (who would object?!) and blows his mind, like I’m sure she will blow yours :-) Summertime is the perfect time for flirtation and flings…AND kitchen rendezvous! Get a taste of Lily as we welcome her to the wonderful world of X-Art! It’s lunchtime.

Cast: Lily
Content: Blonde, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral ,Teen
Size: 435 MB


22383839_x-art-lily_seaporn-org.jpeg - -

X-Angels – Vega

X-Angels - Vega
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Cast: Vega
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral ,Teen
Size: 715 MB


22383926_x-angels-vega_seaporn-org.jpeg - -

Tiny 4K – Tiffany Fox

Tiny 4K - Tiffany Fox - Thank God Fucking Friday
Published Date : 10, July 2014

Cast: Tiffany Fox
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Interracial, Oral ,Teen, POV, Stockings
Size: 514 MB


22383943_tiny-4k-tiffany-fox_seaporn-org.jpeg 4K - Tiffany 4K - Tiffany

The Ass Factory – Priva

The Ass Factory - Priva - Tight Asian Has Gets Hammered
Published Date : 10, July 2014

Cast: Priva
Content: Anal, Asian, Big Tits, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral, Nylons, Pantyhose, Stockings
Size: 316 MB

22383971_the-ass-factory-priva_seaporn-org.jpeg Ass Factory - Ass Factory -

Teen Fidelity – Ella Woods

Teen Fidelity - Ella Woods - Jean Fucking 4
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Cast: Ella Woods
Content: Blonde, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral ,Teen
Size: 1,49 GB


22383752_teen-fidelity-ella-woods_seaporn-org.jpeg Fidelity - Ella Fidelity - Ella

Joymii – Medina U.

Joymii - Medina U. - Get back to me asap
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: Medina was feeling a bit lonely… and horny, and decided to send Lutro a message telling him how much she missed him and to “get back to me asap”. Before she could send the message though, he appeared, much to her surprise… and great pleasure. Once there, they didn’t need to speak, and they didn’t. These two have a real connection and enjoy letting their bodies speak for them. They each love how the other feels and simply cannot keep their hands off of each other. Lutro loves her soft skin and sweet supple breasts, but even more than that… he loves her mouth around his cock… which is just where it goes before he starts fingering and licking her beautiful pussy… which is just before… well, we won’t spoil it for you. Let’s just he’s glad he got back to her… asap. Enjoy! :)

Cast: Medina U.
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral ,Teen
Size: 526 MB


22383833_joymii-medina-u-_seaporn-org.jpeg - Medina - Medina

Passion HD – Alexis Adams

Passion HD - Alexis Adams - Naughty Massage Appointment
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Cast: Alexis Adams
Content: Big Tits, Cumshot, Deep Throat, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 790 MB

22383919_passion-hd-alexis-adams_seaporn-org.jpeg HD - Alexis HD - Alexis

Hard X – Ava Addams

Hard X - Ava Addams - Ava Addams In Prime Milf
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Cast: Ava Addams
Content: Anal, Big Tits, Cumshot, Hardcore, Mature, Milf, Oral
Size: 1,04 GB

22383898_hard-x-ava-addams_seaporn-org.jpeg X - Ava X - Ava

Erotica X – Ashlyn Molloy

Erotica X - Ashlyn Molloy - Bound
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Cast: Ashlyn Molloy
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 1,07 GB


22383888_erotica-x-ashlyn-molloy_seaporn-org.jpeg X - Ashlyn X - Ashlyn

Czech Casting – Zuzana

Czech Casting - Zuzana - 1315
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: It’s the right time for a hearty portion of beauty and sexual excitement. Drop whatever you’re doing now and come to watch the new episode from the biggest amateur project in the world. Zuzana, a sexy bartender, came here to show off her stunning tanned body and splendid tits. She proved to be an extremely easy–going and congenial chick. She revealed that she tends to dominate during sex and that she is not into long-term relationships. She likes to live life to the full. She’s really young but she’s already fucked dozens of guys! She has all the prerequisites for showing her dominant tendencies right on the white sofa. Zuzana, will you pick up the gauntlet? Will you fuck this cute cameraman? Let’s have a look!

Cast: Zuzana
Content: Amateur, Solo
Size: 221 MB


22383983_czech-casting-zuzana_seaporn-org.jpeg Casting - Casting -

Amateur Allure – Emily Grey

Amateur Allure - Emily Grey
Published Date : 11, July 2014

Description: Emily is back! Dylan gets another crack at her and gives her a real workout. Emily takes his thick cock down her throat as she gazes at him with her big beautiful brown eyes. She then leans back and lets Dylan slide his dick deep in her tight pussy. He bangs Emily hard then unloads in her hot mouth with a flood of cum. Dylan then flips her over to squeeze her hot round ass and fuck her wet pussy from behind. Emily lays back and takes a nice follow up load on her tongue and swallows it with a big smile. Emily is quite a hot little fuck! Enjoy, Thomas.

Cast: Emily Grey
Content: Amateur, Blowjob, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral, POV
Size: 629 MB


22383863_amateur-allure-emily-grey_seaporn-org.jpeg Allure - Emily Allure - Emily

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