X-Angels – Violette Pink

X-Angels - Violette Pink
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Cast: Violette Pink
Content: Blonde, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 767 MB




http://uploaded.net/file/fra3x2ya/X-Angels - Violette Pink_Seaporn.org.rar

X-Art – GiiGi , Sophie

X-Art - GiiGi , Sophie - Precious Metal
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: GiiGi and Sophie are two hot and horny blondes, ready to get it on and get each other off. They literally got naked and started making out before the cameras were even ready to go. We could barely keep up! But that’s ALWAYS okay in the wonderful world of X-Art. Enjoy these beauties pleasuring one another…or more specifically, watch them obsess over each other during some much needed pussy play with their tongues and a very cool silver dildo. It’s precious metal, indeed :-)

Cast: GiiGi , Sophie
Content: All Girls, Big Tits, Blonde, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation
Size: 433 MB




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Teach Me Fisting – Lyen Parker , Meg Magic

Teach Me Fisting - Lyen Parker , Meg Magic - Fisting Session With Meg And Lyen
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Cast: Lyen Parker , Meg Magic
Content: All Girls, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation
Size: 1.34 GB




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Street Blowjobs – Marilyn Moore

Street Blowjobs - Marilyn Moore - Milked It
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Walking around, doing nothing, Peter saw a young cute chick in a nearby parking lot. He noticed that she was fighting with someone on her cell phone. He was checking her out, especially her ass and tits, and decided to try to help her, But truly he sought to get a piece of that pussy. Marilyn, was the 20-year-old’s name, and she just happened to love sex. Peter just had to get her in a better mood, offer her some big mullah, and he ended up getting in Marilyn’s sweet pussy. Judging from Peter’s homemade video, her pussy was amazing.

Cast: Marilyn Moore
Content: Big Tits, Blonde, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 432 MB




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Twistys – Liz Ashley

Twistys - Liz Ashley - Sexy Liz
Published Date : 26, July 2014

Cast: Liz Ashley
Content: Masturbation, Solo
Size: 634 MB




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Public Pick Ups – Casey Jordan

Public Pick Ups - Casey Jordan - Euro Girl Cheats on Her Boyfriend
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Tomas spotted Casey walking to her boyfriend’s place, and tried offering her some fast cash for a quick fuck. Czech girls love public sex, so she was down, and they went off into the brush where she sucked his dick and fucked him hard until he came!

Cast: Casey Jordan
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Public
Size: 596 MB




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Sex Art – Alexis Brill , Amarna Miller

Sex Art - Alexis Brill , Amarna Miller - Waltz With Me - Spring
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Time passes, relationships evolve, and Alis Locanta’s latest series arrives at a new season in “Waltz with Me Chapter 3 – Spring.” The couple at the center of the story — Alexis Brill and Franck Franco — welcome the lengthening days and celebrate their blossoming relationship by inviting another partner into their romantic lives. Redheaded Amarna Miller joins the couple and they proceed to enjoy a threesome that is both tender and torrid. Every possible combination of the three-way is explored. While the women kiss and caress one another Franck eats Amarna’s pussy. Alexis hungrily sucks her lover’s cock while Amarna gleefully eats and fingers Brill. Amarna sits on Brill’s mouth and plays with her clit while making out with Franco as he vigorously pumps his girlfriend. Next Amarna, on all fours, straddles Alexis and Franck takes her from behind before swapping his cock into Alexis. Once the women have savored fucking Franco in a variety of additional, orgasm-inducing positions they double-team the stud, using their hands and mouths, both simultaneously and individually, to milk the semen from his balls. Bathed in sunlight and radiating passionate heat, “Waltz with Me Chapter 3 – Spring” is a stylish cinematic celebration of lust, life, love, and sexual pleasure.

Cast: Alexis Brill , Amarna Miller
Content: All Girls, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation
Size: 419 MB




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PlayBoy Plus – Katerina di Luca

PlayBoy Plus - Katerina di Luca - Molto Bene
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Amateur Katerina di Luca puts her heels up in this hot set from photographer Emiliano Camatti. Brown-haired, blue-eyed Katerina owes her good looks to her Polish heritage, but these days, she calls the seaside city of Ravenna, Italy her home.

Cast: Katerina di Luca
Content: Solo
Size: 70 MB




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Nubiles – Emma Stoned

Nubiles - Emma Stoned - Pretty Pussy
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Gorgeous Emma Stoned is a smoking hot redhead that has a devilishly alluring smile. Her perky little tits and tight juicy ass will make your mouth water, while her soft puffy twat will keep you coming back for more!

Cast: Emma Stoned
Content: Masturbation, Solo
Size: 803 MB




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Milking Table – Lylith Lavey

Milking Table - Lylith Lavey - Curiosity Killed The Cat
Published Date : 26, July 2014

Description: Newcomer Romeo Price is coming in for a massage, and he is not shy about sharing his curiosity, and complaining about how things are done, down to the decor of his massage room. It will take a lot for Lilith to get Romeo to relax. Lilith is close to showing her frustration but instead she makes the effort to allow her combatant client to finally let go of his tension and release a massive load of cum from his balls all over her mouth and massive tits. It’s amazing how a blowjob and a milking can calm a man!

Cast: Lylith Lavey
Content: Big Tits, Blowjob, Cumshot, Oral
Size: 583 MB




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Mike In Brazil – Angel Lima

Mike In Brazil - Angel Lima - Sweet and Juicy
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Hey there guys, we have another hot Brazilian babe for you this week. It was Angel, and she was returning to us with her amazing curves. She had the full package: huge tits, a big juicy ass, and a hot Latina pussy. Angel got right to business with some masturbation and showed off her clit piercing. Once she was warmed up, she went straight for the cock. Don’t miss out on this hot babe getting her huge ass pounded nice and hard. Angel loved the anal sex, and it was super HOT!

Cast: Angel Lima
Content: Blonde, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 325 MB




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Czech Casting – Nikola

Czech Casting - Nikola - 1308
Published Date : 27, July 2014
Description: Nikola is just 19 and she came from Krupka. Do you fancy her? I do. She’s a sweet black-haired chick with a slender body and perfectly hand-sized boobs. Imagine holding them and your pants will feel too tight in no time. I promise you that! This is Nikola’s big day – she was never before naked in front of the camera! Awesome! It would be totally dench if her show was spiced up with some sexy stuff. Nikola is fiercely protecting the treasure she’s hiding between her ivory-like legs. Will she let the cameraman venture into her most precious temple? We’ll see. Enjoy this awesome video! This is not for the underage!!!

Cast: Nikola
Content: Masturbation, Solo
Size: 139 MB




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Doctor Adventures – Darling Danika , Katrina Jade

Doctor Adventures - Darling Danika , Katrina Jade - Learning From Dr Milf
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Katrina Jade is at the doctor’s office with her boyfriend Brick to get a consultation. Brick wants her to get fake tits, but she’s not so sure. The Doctor, Darling Danika, takes one looks at Katrina’s incredible big natural tits and can’t believe anyone would ever want to change them! She decides then and there that she’s going to teach Brick a lesson about appreciating what he’s got. The lovely ladies eat each others pussies and suck each others tits before sharing Brick’s big cock. They give him a double blowjob and then take turns riding that fat cock until they cum. Finally, Brick gives them a huge facial cumshot to share. Maybe now he’s finally learned his lesson!

Cast: Darling Danika , Katrina Jade
Content: Big Tits, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 695 MB




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Go Honey Go – Kitty Jane

Go Honey Go - Kitty Jane - Kitty Jane and Johnny Black
Published Date : 26, July 2014

Cast: Kitty Jane
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 591 MB



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Burning Angel – Nikki Hearts , Brandy Aniston

Burning Angel - Nikki Hearts , Brandy Aniston - Strip Club Threesome, Scene 1
Published Date : 26, July 2014

Description: Brandy Aniston’s perfect pole dance caught the attention of Nikki Hearts and Mr. Pete – unfortunately she was working both of them and they didn’t *really* have anything special. Brandy offered to make it up of them by sharing her exquisite body and luscious mouth and pussy with both! Why have a twosome when you can have a threesome?!

Cast: Nikki Hearts , Brandy Aniston
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral, Threesome, Nylons, Pantyhose, Stockings
Size: 1.08 GB




http://uploaded.net/file/6lswpfp2/Burning Angel - Nikki Hearts C Brandy Aniston_Seaporn.org.rar

Cuckold Sessions – Scarlett Fay

Cuckold Sessions - Scarlett Fay
Published Date : 26, July 2014

Description: Scarlett Fay’s man is hell bent on getting his rocks off by watching her take care of Isiah Maxwell. We find that Scarlett and the cuckold initially argue about his request–but it’s a deal breaker in his eyes if she doesn’t go through with his sick and twisted fantasy. Scarlett, at first, is reluctant, but she quickly discovers why black cock is the preference of white girls the world over. The cuckold takes a front row seat to his woman orally pleasing her black master….and he couldn’t be happier. Isiah’s big black dick finally invades the same area that the cuckold does,or at least he USED to. Isiah’s attack on that white pussy brings the grin on the cuckold to one that goes from ear to ear. Scarlett’s body continues to feel the wrath of black cock until the cream pie dinner bell rings for the white guy.

Cast: Scarlett Fay
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 806 MB



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Casual Teen Sex – Aria

Casual Teen Sex - Aria - Hot Sex after Shoulder Massage
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Nothing makes this eager teeny more excited than a little massage from a handsome guy she just met right on the street. The more his fingers massage her shoulders the wetter her young pussy gets and minutes later she ends up taking cock doggystyle and getting fucked to orgasm in various positions. Oh, these naughty college chicks just love to fuck and this one is no exception. Casual sex is always on the menu and she never says NO to having some fun with a hot and skillful stranger.

Cast: Aria
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral, Teen
Size: 324 MB



http://uploaded.net/file/5w91gqt2/Casual Teen Sex - Aria_Seaporn.org.rar

Big Wet Butts – Bridgette B

Big Wet Butts - Bridgette B - Garden Hoes
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Bridgette B was out working on her garden when a massive cock craving struck her. Luckily, Danny D and his massive dick were on hand to satisfy her carnal cravings. She grabbed her watering can and wet her white dress down until her big tits and juicy booty were clearly visible through the sheer fabric, and then stripped down to suck Danny’s huge dick. Once he was rock hard, she wrapped her massive tits around his dick and gave him an incredible titty fuck. After that, she spread her ass cheeks so that Danny could stick his huge cock deep in her ass and give her an intense anal fucking!

Cast: Bridgette B
Content: Big Tits, Blonde, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 440 MB




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Big Tit Creampie – Marina Visconti

Big Tit Creampie - Marina Visconti - Cute big tit Russian loves creampies
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: In this weeks Big Tits Cream Pie update we have the beauitufl Marina Visconti and this girl is quite the beauty and is not shy about it…we get to talk about lot’s of interesting and let’s just say ladies and gentlemen that this beautiful woman has one of the best personalities I have ever seen! she speaks on her fans and wether or not she would sleep with any of them but lets not get caught up with the conversation and this girls tits and ass are a sight to be seen and she works them perfectly. My boy frank was the lucky stud today that gets to take this hot russian down. I hope you all enjoy this update.

Cast: Marina Visconti
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 779 MB



http://uploaded.net/file/9ui14jwl/Big Tit Creampie - Marina Visconti_Seaporn.org.rar

Brown Bunnies – Julie Kay

Brown Bunnies - Julie Kay - Big tit Brown Bunny gets fucked hard
Published Date : 27, July 2014

Description: Big tits, tight pussy, and loose is how we like our women and this Brown Bunny embodies all of that! Julie Kay is a major cutie stacked with an amazing all natural rack, ass, and a tight pussy. This is a woman who loves getting dick like a fat kid likes cake. You aren’t ready for this ear drum rupturing scene of straight vaginal pounding. Yeah, I said ear drum rupturing. When we say Julie Kay has a tight pussy, we mean she is TIGHT! Hit that play button and you’ll see what I mean buahaha. Enjoy!

Cast: Julie Kay
Content: Big Tits, Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
Size: 1.05 GB



http://uploaded.net/file/4gzuoxgd/Brown Bunnies - Julie Kay_Seaporn.org.rar

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